Saturday, October 27, 2012

Appartment after pictures

In a previous post, I wrote about how my tenants moved out of my apartment.  Well today I had a chance to clean the carpet, while my wife took pictures.  Let's see how that filthy carpet got transformed.

Here's a couple of picture of me pre-vacuuming with my SEBO:

This is me pre-spraying the detergent.  Notice how I spray the detergent on first.  I'll use my extractor to rinse out the detergent from the carpet.  This prevents the detergent from becoming a dirt magnet.   

I'm working in the detergent with a carpet rake.

This is me extracting the dirt with my Rotovac 360i.  Look at that clean streak!
Now I'm finishing up by cleaning the edges with my wand.

This is a clean carpet.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Move out-photos

You may not be aware, but in addition to being a carpet cleaner, I'm also a landlord.  I recently had some tenants move out.  There's no polite way of putting this, but they left the place a mess.  See for yourselves:

On the bright side, I want to think of this as an opportunity.  I want to show how I can transform this apartment, particularly the carpet into a clean and sanitary environment again.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I sprayed Great Stuff on some carpet.

Ever heard of Great Stuff?  It's this foam that comes in a spray can.  It's used for insulation.  If you ever had the fortune to get some on your hands or clothes.  This is nasty stuff.  It doesn't want to come out.  Soap, rubbing alcohol, finger nail polish remover, nothing seems to touch it.  Why would I want to spray this stuff on carpet? Well, I want to be a better carpet cleaner.  I want to get out the spots that the other guy couldn't remove.  I was inspired by this thread:

A new carpet cleaner asks a simple question:

OK everyone, I am still a rookie and was talking to a friend of mine today about my services. He asked me if there is any way to remove Great Stuff (expanding spray foam insulation) out of carpet. I know this stuff is a pain just to get off of my hands, so I would imagine it is nearly impossible to remove from carpet, but I figured I would ask the experts on here to get your feed back. Thanks in advance!

Some of the response talked about treating it like Styrofoam.   Thinking if something will dissolve Styrofoam, it will dissolve Great Stuff.  It's a reasonable guess, but the problem is Great Stuff isn't Styrofoam.  It a polyurethane foam.  It resists solvents that would break down Styrofoam. 

Now to tell you the truth, I have run into this before.  I have successfully removed Great Stuff from carpet.  However, I may have been lucky.  The carpet may have been dirty and the spray foam didn't form a solid bond with the carpet.  The spots were also walked on a number of times and this may have broken down the foam.  I need to do some more experiments to see if I can really get this stuff out or if I just got lucky.

How am I going to proceed?  I've already sprayed the carpet on several spots.  I've also started researching chemicals that breakdown polyurethane.  I've spoken with a chemist about this.  Let's see what I can come up with.

Carpet Cleaning Goshen, IN

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Welcome to Brian Gerwels Carpet Cleaning

I want to take a moment and in this first blog post to introduce myself. My name is Brian Gerwels and I live in Elkhart, IN. I've been thinking about starting a carpet cleaning business for some time. This past summer I got serious about it and started researching. As I was researching this business, I met some other carpet cleaners online. I asked some questions about starting the business, and two of them jumped at the opportunity to invite me to ride along with them and learn what they do: Ross from Accuclean and Torrey from Flooring Expressions. So In June of 2012, I took some time off of work and my wife and I drove down to Indianapolis so that I could learn to clean carpets. I was a bit nervous about meeting two strangers, but I soon discovered these are really top notch guys. They invited me, a total stranger, to ride along with them and learn their trade. They didn't ask for a single dime in return. Torrey even bought me lunch the first day. Here's a video of taken during my training of me using the Rotovac for the first time:

All I can say is wow! What an experience! When I was done, my head was spinning with information. Not just information about carpet cleaning, but the different aspects of the business as well. What kind of equipment should I buy? Am I really ready to do this? Hopes, dreams, fears, and carpet cleaning were all swirling though my mind.
I decided to take the plunge. I ordered the equipment and after doing some practice on my house and a friend's house, I cleaned for my first customer on August 11, 2012.
I'm incredibly blessed by the people God has placed in my life that has allowed me to start this business. First of all, my loving wife Theresa, who has been incredibly supportive in encouraging me to do this. Second, Torrey and Ross for their selfless invitation to teach me about carpet cleaning. I'm also thankful to the customers who have been willing to support a small local business.
I hope this blog will provide me the opportunity to tell you about myself, provide updates about the business, and allow me to share carpet cleaning tips.